So it begins…

One moment.  One situation.  One day at a time.  That’s my life.  It’s not glamorous.  For the most part it is messy and dark.  And I constantly feel like I am walking a fine line between my reality and everyone else’s.  But sometimes I get brief glimpses of amazing.  And I remember that that’s what I have to hold on to.   I need to hold onto those moments in order to survive.  I refuse to let Borderline Personality Disorder define me.  So until I can complete a definition of myself, I will continue this journey that I have started.  My journey to the ordinary.  And anyone who wants to walk this road with me is welcome.  It will not always be pretty.  Nor will it always be fun.  But it is mine.  And it is real.  And I will not stop until I make it.  Welcome to my life.




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