lost day.

I was right.  I knew I would not be able to function today.  And to put it lightly, I can’t.  I woke up enough to hit the snooze button on my alarm.  Then when the time came where I needed to get up or else I would be late for work, I decided that I couldn’t fully wake up enough to get dressed, let alone to drive on icy roads.  It was so hard for me to even open my eyes.  So I made the decision to call in to work.  With that done, I fell back asleep for another four hours.  I am now awake, but I can feel that zombie effect.  I am “out of it”.  Not really thinking or caring about much.  There are chores around the house that I could get done today, especially while my fiance is at work, but all I really want to do is just lay in bed.  Which is where I currently am.  Maybe I’ll get some cleaning and laundry done.  But probably not.  Vanessa and Todd should be home soon.  Maybe I’ll just hang out with the baby.  At least until my fiance gets back from work.  Audrey (the baby) has a way of just capturing my attention and with my fiance gone, she can at least keep me company while my day is pretty much wasted due to the medication.


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