Life In Snapshots

There are different people that I will talk about randomly in my blog. Figured it might be nice to put some faces to the names. These are just some of the people in my world, not all, but they are the ones most likely to be talked about.

Pretty simple. This is me. Face to the blogger 🙂

sis and i
My sister, Jenny, and I. She is not my sister by blood, but she is the closest thing that I have ever had to true family. She has been a part of my world for over 21 years. And she will remain in it the rest of my life.

Austin, my godson and nephew (Jenny’s son). He is one of the most important things in my life.

Austin (again). Sorry, but he’s just too cute to only put one picture of him! 🙂

My dog, Kiyah. She was the first thing that had ever been mine and she is truly the most amazing friend I could ever ask for.

bridal party
My friends since high school. From left to right, Katherine (Cindy’s older sister), Teresa (T-Miller), Whitney (Whit), Joann (JoJo), and Cindy (Cinnabun). I, of course, am in the middle with the scraggly hair. JoJo and Cindy are my two best friends and I wouldn’t be here without their unconditional support and love.

Duckies softball team! Includes my favorite people. JoJo and Cinnabun are also on team, along with my closest guys friends, Mark (Kez) and Marc (Spencer – he is also JoJo’s fiance). Those two are the ones sitting on top of the baseball attempting to pour beer on us; they were unsuccessful.

And finally, this is Destiny. I have never spoken her name on my blog, mainly because I have turned our friendship into a mess and I wouldn’t even know where to start even if I tried to define us. We currently do not talk, but I am hopeful that one day that will change. BUT, no matter what, she will always be an instrumental part of my life as she is the “best friend” that I mentioned in posts regarding the trip to San Francisco and my suicide attempt. She was the one who went with me on that fateful trip and she was the one who saved me.


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